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Oxygen generation type dryer

Product name:MC-101 DRY
Normal temperature dry type offset sheet-fed ink (include water)

  • This type dryer promotes drying of ink by the effect of oxygen generated from emulsification with dampening water.
  • This type dryer is effectable at oxygen shortage condition, for example non-absorbent paper, synthetic paper and over printing.
  • It is Eco-friendly dryer not include Co and Mn.
  • It is not include VOC.
  • If it does not contact with water, no drying promoting effect.
  • When this type dryer and Mn dryer are used together to remarkably promote drying.
Grit gage <10μm
Appearance Yellow paste with good followability
Viscosity (25℃) 5~10 Pa・s
Recommended additional amount 1~3%
Result of drying test at sheet fed inks.
  • Dry-ability evaluation result of "MC-101DRY".
  Test condition
R.I. Tester 4Cut Roll
Ink amount 0.15cc
Damping water emulsification 1min.
Base ink Red ink for evaluation
Evaluation paper Special art paper
Oxygen generation type dryer
  • · Oxygen is generated by mixing it with water, so please use up the printing ink after emulsification.
  • · waterless printing has little effect.
  • · Avoid contact with water during storage.

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