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Additive for ink

The quality of the print inks must be suitable for printability and meet the characteristics of a printing material request for the market.
This additive for ink that gives this aptitude / property is called "Compound"
In line with recent printing markets, we provide additives for various printing methods and purpose.

Heat set ink Sheetfed ink Newspaper ink UV ink Water based ink
Master Batch

Our company manufactures high concentration pigment dispersion "master batch" by our own dispersion technology method.
We will deliver the optimum pigment dispersion corresponding to your special needs.

Toning agent for black ink

In order to produce "Beautiful blackness, rich blackness" of black ink, carbon black has require blue pigment as a toning agent.
Our black ink complementary colorant called "Alkali blue" is widely used in printing market.
Alkali blue used for toning agent of black ink, has high quality blue pigment paste, excellent printability, addition effect, high pigment concentration and fluidity.

We sell blue pigment called "Dry Alkali blue".

Heat set ink Sheetfed ink Newspaper ink UV ink

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