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Ink Additive Product List

  Heat set ink Sheetfed ink Newspaper ink UV ink Water based ink
Rub resistance
Spherical fine particles
Wax dispersion (SB powder in many kinds of medium)      
PE Wax Powder  
PE Wax powder Compound    
PE Wax Compound      
FT Wax Powder Compound      
PTFE Wax Powder Compound    
Hybrid PTFE Wax Compound      
Ink body conditioning agent
Organoclay dispersion  
Special Wax Dispersion        
Anti-greasing agent
Anti-greasing agent for printing plates.  
Additives for spray-less inks.
Anti-blocking agent      
Stability of printing inks on printing machine
Tack reducer  
Anti-delamination agent  
Anti-blocking agent  
Anti-contamination agent for guide roller  
HQ dispersion        
TBHQ dispersion        
MHQ dispersion        
BHT dispersion        
Dry promoting agent
Mn / Co type        
Oxygen generation type        
Pigment dispersant
Carbon pigment dispersant        
Polymerization initiator
Polymerization inhibitor
TBHQ dispersion        
MHQ dispersion        
Nitrosophenylhydroxylamin dispersion        

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